I currently work on the National Geographic Channel Photo Desk. These are some highlights of my work there. 

Commissioned portraiture and general unit photography for National Geographic Wild shows, Critter Fixers Country Vets and Pop Goes the Vet with Dr. Joya. Image from Critter Fixers. Credit: National Geographic/Matthew Odom.

Lead photo coordinator on the National Geographic Series, Secrets of the Whales. Curated PR imagery for the series, NG magazine piece, and photo book. Image Credit: Brian Skerry. 

Lead photo editor on legacy National Geographic series, Life Below Zero, Wicked Tuna, among others. This consists of captioning production stills, providing feedback on production stills, and coordinating PR imagery. 

Lead photo editor for the Special Edition of USA Today celebrating Vetsgiving, a holiday collection of all National Geographic's veterinary shows. 

© Jordan Marie Roth
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